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Our Staff

Monroe Office

Scott DeNure
Scott DeNure President – CEO 608-329-2053
Erik Gretebeck
Erik Gretebeck Executive Vice President - Chief Credit Officer 608-329-2050 NMLS ID: 543573
Julie Lehnherr
Julie Lehnherr Executive Assistant - Human Resource Administrator 608-329-2064
Val Johnson
Val Johnson Vice President - Director of Marketing & Business Development 608-329-2071
Amanda Lowery
Amanda Lowery Digital Marketing Coordinator 608-329-2076
Janelle Rucker
Janelle Rucker Business Banking Development Officer 608-329-2056

Loan Officers

Jason Kundert
Jason Kundert Executive Vice President - Commercial Lender 608-329-2052 NMLS ID: 755740
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis Vice President - Mortgage & Commercial Lender 608-329-2067 NMLS ID: 463073
Rory Maurer
Rory Maurer Vice President - Mortgage Lender 608-329-2054 NMLS ID: 523674
David Sawdey
David Sawdey Vice President - Commercial & Agricultural Lender 608-329-2062 NMLS ID: 617673
Logan Crooks
Logan Crooks Vice President - Agricultural & Commercial Lender 608-329-2089
Kim Schliem
Kim Schliem Consumer Lender 608-329-2072 NMLS ID: 1894644
Jodi Sawdey
Jodi Sawdey Loan Appraisals - Credit Card Manager 608-329-2051

Operations Department

Donna Mandel
Donna Mandel Vice President – Cashier - Audit Director 608-329-2055
Jennifer Lauren, AAP
Jennifer Lauren, AAP Vice President - Chief Operations Officer 608-329-2063
Julie Davis
Julie Davis Vice President - Retail Banking Officer 608-329-2061
Nicole Ramirez
Nicole Ramirez Compliance Officer 608-329-2087
Joy Wandfluh
Joy Wandfluh Network Administrator 608-329-2060
Philip Bottigliero
Philip Bottigliero Assistant Network Administrator 608-329-2080
Sierra Pittz
Sierra Pittz IT Support 608-325-7766

Customer Service

Bobbiy Ormond
Bobbiy Ormond Head Teller 608-325-7766
Kim Zettle
Kim Zettle Personal Banking Manager - IRA Consultant 608-329-2078
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson Personal Banker - IRA Consultant 608-325-7766
Abby Rielly
Abby Rielly CSR - Personal Banker 608-325-7766
Deb Hauri
Deb Hauri CSR - Personal Banker 608-325-7766
Tammy Hartwig
Tammy Hartwig Fraud Prevention Specialist - Debit Card Coordinator 608-329-2079
Tammy Montgomery
Tammy Montgomery Debit Card Consultant 608-325-7766

Argyle Office

Candi Schmid
Candi Schmid Branch Manager - Personal Banker 608-544-9117
Michelle Godfrey
Michelle Godfrey CSR - Personal Banker 608-544-9117

Blanchardville Office

Debra Severson
Debra Severson Vice President - Branch Manager - Loan Officer 608-523-4217 Cell: 608-214-3054 NMLS ID: 423470
Susie Lynch
Susie Lynch Assistant Branch Manager - Personal Banker 608-523-4215

Darlington Office

Maverick Muhlstein
Maverick Muhlstein Vice President - Agricultural & Commercial Lender 608-773-3022
Cassidy Reilly
Cassidy Reilly Mortgage & Consumer Lender 608-773-3023 NMLS ID: 2319847
Mandy Johnson
Mandy Johnson Branch Manager - Personal Banker 608-282-4858 NMLS ID: 865038
Christina Benson
Christina Benson Assistant Branch Manager - Personal Banker 608-819-0437 NMLS ID: 1611031
Alysa Carey
Alysa Carey Assistant Branch Manager - Personal Banker 608-282-4857

New Glarus Office

Corey Pope
Corey Pope Vice President - Mortgage & Commercial Lender 608-527-9760 NMLS ID: 2085023
Kasey Bruehlman
Kasey Bruehlman Branch Manager - Personal Banker 608-527-9761 NMLS ID: 1696025
Heather Siegenthaler
Heather Siegenthaler CSR - Personal Banker 608-527-9766

South Wayne Office

Dave Thorson
Dave Thorson Vice President - Loan Officer 608-439-5096 NMLS ID: 768330
Emily Stietz
Emily Stietz Branch Manager - Personal Banker 608-439-7766
Tiffany Vrstal
Tiffany Vrstal CSR - Personal Banker 608-439-7766
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